Hellhat Night

Hellhat making Night

November 2, 2016
What is a “Hellhat” you ask. A hellhat is a combination of a riding helmet and a cowboy hat. Integrating those two for those who might not be willing to sacrifice the look of being a cowgirl for safety.

1 Cowboy hat suggest size 7-5/8 for about a med sized helmet, if your helmet is small go a bit smaller and do the opposite if your helmet is larger. This hat will be cut up.

1 Helmet

electrical tape and or duck tape either works


glue, one with good holding power- may not be used at all but good to have

For decorating:
Old belts, head bands, flowers, bandana’s, bling bling. Just about anything can be used. Get creative.
Bring your creativity and maybe extra decorations to trade or share.

NON-MEMBERS: For a small fee of $5.00 you may join us in November for the making of Hellhats,You MUST BRING YOUR OWN SUPPLIES.

If your not a club member, feel free to come to our October meeting. All club meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month. You can come learn about our club and enjoy some camaraderie with other horse lovers.

Joining the club cost $25.00 a year, you can join at anytime. Please note this late in the year dues would only be $12.50. Club dues will be do again in January for the entire 2017 year