Out ‘n’ About

This page highlights recent horse endeavors that Lakewood Riding Club members have undertaken.

July brought a new challenge for one of our members.  Sunny was bitten by the driving bug and a over a weekend acquired the complete package, or as Sunny described it, “I just want to take it out of the box and go.”  And that is just what she got with her new companion Jester.  Sunny and Jester have already done miles in the neighborhood, a parade, and a fun day drive with the Colorado Driving Society along Cherry Creek.

What happens after a long day at the auction.

In the cement hazard at Salisbury.

Flying out of the cement hazard at Salisbury.












In June some members took a trail ride in the Hayman Burn near Buffalo Creek.  The weather was mild and the views expansive.

Exploring the burn.

Long view.

On high ground.










In March several of our members traveled up to the Fort Collins area to try their hand (and horses) at participating in a Medieval Games practice session with the Order of Epona.

Even fair maidens made the match.

The smoother the ride, the more accurate the hit.

Takin’ a break.