One Day – 2 Clinics, Saturday, August 25th!

Moring session:  Safety and Self Defense for Trail Riders Clinic

10:00 AM – Noon

What you need to know when this Ranger is not riding with you.

Our clinician, Mary Miklos (member of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office), will present this practical, ever popular clinic.  Learn how to stay safe on the trail, and how to protect and defend yourself while trail riding.  You will learn defensive maneuvers and how to use your horse to keep the bad guys away from you.



Afternoon session:  Jumping 102 for Trail Riders Clinic,
(aka: To Jump or Not to Jump)

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

A follow-up to our previous Jumping 101 Clinic held last year, this clinic builds on basic secure, jumping techniques, and will focus on providing you with training lessons and tips for you to become the leader and decision maker when negotiating obstacles you encounter.  Learn how to teach your horse to jump or walk an obstacle on your command.

There will be an hour lunch break 12-1 PM, so plan on bringing lunch and a drink.

Auditors welcome!

Location: Event Center at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

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